About Us


Our Humble Beginnings

The company’s founding is a result of a joint project between Stoyan Stoyan & Rosen Velikov for creating Telecommunication operator of new generation.


First alternative SDH RRL in Veliko Tarnovo

EVO.bg & Neterra deployed first SDH/STM 155MBits link (67km) to Veliko Tarnovo. EVO.bg’s Tecnical Services team installed a 30 m self supporting tower on Arbanasi Hill, Veliko Tarnovo. We installed and tested two SDH antenna systems that provide 155Mbits communications for central-north Bulgaria. In addition, EVO.bg designed, supplied, and installed a 2 kilometers power line and 4 kilometers fiber optic wireline.


Veliko Tarnovo region FTTB rollout

In a push to improve broadband access across the region, the EVO.bg partnered with local organizations to install and upgrade fiber optic cables in 3 cites and 18 rural and under-serviced counties. When completed, more than 70 000 Households - including education, healthcare, government and public safety institutions - was directly connected with over 500 kilometers of new or upgraded fiber.


Veliko Tarnovo - Elena Fiber Optic Networking

EVO.bg provided connectivity between Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitza and Lyaskovetz and Elena by performing ongoing Outside Plant and Inside Plant construction of the fiber optic network (85+ kilometers).

This work also entails deployment of conduit and fiber infrastructure to provide connectivity to surrounding construction camps.

The methods of construction being utilized include: plowing, horzontal directional drilling (HDD), trenching, fiber pulling, fiber jetting, supply and installation of cabinets, panels and associated components, splicing and testing


EUSunday CCTV & M2M

EVO.bg deployed over 160 HD IP cameras and 1000+ Digital Sensors across 4 of the biggest solar power plants in Bulgaria over the course of this nine month project that was delivered on time and on budget. Consistent high quality work and finish, professional conduct and presentation, and diligent safety practices were of the highest importance in the successful execution of this highly visible project performed in challenging environments.


HSI/IPTV Installation & Repair

A major telecommunications provider in Bulgaria enjoying tremendous customer growth with their residential HSI & IPTV services reached out to EVO.bg to help support their workforce that was challenged to keep up with their customer demand.

EVO.bg’s extensive experience performing high volumes of residential installation and repair services and our track record for rapidly developing large local workforces that deliver consistent, high quality services enabled Ledcor to be the best choice for our client.

By leveraging EVO.bg’s workforce, our client has been able to achieve the capacity to fulfill their customer demand while raising productivity and quality levels.

Member of Bulgarian Construction Chamber