Services builds and services all types of communication networks for customers across Bulgaria. From wireline to wireless, from long-haul networks to end-customer service deployments, we are a proven leader and innovator in telecommunications network construction, maintenance, and service installation and repair.

Outside Plant Engineering & Design’s outside plant engineers are focused on designing fibre optic communication networks and support structures to the exacting standards of our clients, along with enabling extreme efficiencies in the construction process for build crews. Leveraging our extensive large-scale project experience developing fibre to the home (FTTH/FTTx) networks and long haul fibre networks across the multitude of environments Bulgaria as to offer, our team knows what to do to get the job done right and on time.

Infrastructure types:

  • Aerial
  • Buried/underground


  • Field/site surveys
  • Design and engineering
  • Program/project management
  • Permitting and right of way management
  • Quality assurance
  • As-built drawing and document control

Aided by GIS-enabled technology and robust design and workflow tools, we aim to maximize production volumes, quality, and consistency with every project we undertake, assisting our clients to rapidly deploy revenue-generating assets with low operating costs and long life-spans.

Wireline Outside Plant has built over 1000 kilometers of fibre optic cable across Bulgaria and has pioneered industry-changing technologies along the way. Since our first project in 2003, we have been committed to excellence and innovation. This commitment is emboldened by our institutional knowledge and safety expertise. We have built networks in every corner of the Bulgaria, and our projects have successfully proceeded through all extremes of inclement weather and challenging topographies. It is the combination of these strengths with cost-effective, flexible and scalable solutions that allows us to offer our customers the strategic advantages they need to succeed. has the unique ability to deliver a wide range of network construction projects. As a true turnkey provider, can execute on all stages of the project cycle including:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Permitting
  • Program and Project Management
  • Network and Civil construction
  • Change management: moves, adds, changes
  • Lifecycle network maintenance

Inside Plant offers end-to-end inside plant solutions for wireless and wireline technology environments. We build-out entire central office and data centre environments, from the design and planning stage to equipment installation and commissioning.

Our team offers decades of experience in:

  • Project management
  • Infrastructure design
  • Network system architecture and engineering
  • Infrastructure build out, including power systems, HVAC, rack work, etc.
  • Network equipment installation and commissioning
  • Network Installation & Commissioning knows firsthand that developing or updating a communications network is a significant investment, and the implementation needs to go according to plan and budget.

For wireline and wireless networks across Bulgaria, we provide:

  • Installation and commissioning of site infrastructure
  • Installation and commissioning of communications equipment
  • Services provisioning
  • Documentation and records.

To protect, optimize and maintain our clients’ investments, our technicians are available to provide ongoing maintenance services for the entire facility and network technologies.

Residential Installation & Repair

Our technicians are employees. They are highly trained and their performance is managed and monitored carefully to align with our customers’ objectives. It is a great source of pride for that one of our largest installation and repair (I&R) customers consistently provides positive feedback about the quality and service provided by our front line staff, as we continue to exceed service level agreements.

With over 100 technicians and 5 logistics depots across Bulgaria, we have demonstrated our ability to rapidly establish and deploy large, highly productive workforces to deliver high quality residential services, including:

  • IPTV and COAX I&R services
  • ADSL and VDSL I&R services
  • EPON and GPON I&R services
  • Drop and NID installation
  • Residential inside wiring

We currently provide residential installation and repair services for some of Bulgaria’s leading communications providers. technicians are among the most experienced IPTV services deployment providers in Bulgaira. Our team has supported clients through their introduction of first generation IPTV platforms, through to their evolution of second and third generation platforms.

Front-Line Maintenance

Front-line maintenance provided by is unique in a very important way: our technicians across Bulgaria are employees of the family. They are trained, equipped, and supported by to exceed industry standards and they share our commitment to developing lifetime clients. enables carriers and optical equipment providers to the carrier market to focus their resources on their core business and value delivery while ensuring that their critical long haul and regional network assets have experienced, qualified people available to provide optimal response/repair times during events requiring emergency response. Additionally, through scheduled preventative maintenance programs we ensure that our clients’ networks are professionally maintained for maximum network availability and optimal service life.

We offer emergency and preventative maintenance with guaranteed service levels across the Bulgaria for:

  • Wireless network technologies
  • Wireline network technologies
  • Site and cable systems
  • Power and HVAC systems
  • Outside plant cable and equipment
  • Site exterior environmentals
  • We also provide cable locate and site access/escort services. Additionally, spares inventory management and reporting, logistics, and return for repair handling are available through 5 sparing depots across Bulgaria.

Our people have been involved with the construction of the majority of the networks across Bulgaria, and in many cases no one knows these routes better than The team is strategically located across Bulgaria to be within a two hour drive time of the telecommunications networks servicing over 95% of the population in Bulgaria. Our coverage and experience enables us to provide FLM services with very stringent Service Level Agreements across Bulgaria for a number of telecommunication providers and OEM’s.

Throughout the past ten years, we have established well-documented processes for handling the logistics associated with FLM dispatches and the ability to have our technicians work under the supervision of our customers NOC/TACs during the resolution of network outage events. owns and operates two 24/7/365 Call Dispatch Centers (in Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia), which are fully redundant and act as the overall control point for the dispatch and coordination of our technicians, spare parts, and test equipment.

Business Installation & Repair

Leveraging our Bulgaria footprint, our high volume processes, and our experienced technicians and management, enhances our clients’ operational efficiencies and service quality through our experienced business installation and repair services. Whether our clients’ needs are in concentrated geographic markets or broadly placed across Bulgaria, our technicians efficiently get the job done while professionally representing our clients’ brand.

Business expertise:

  • xDSL, xPON and Ethernet data services
  • LAN/WAN wireline and wireless data networking
  • POTS, E1 voice services
  • Centrex and IP Centrex
  • PBX and IP PBX
  • Business inside wiring
  • Point of sale, display systems, ATMs

We currently provide business installation and repair services for several of Bulgaria’s leading communications providers and retail service providers.

About Us has been building and servicing communication networks for customers across Bulgaria since 2003 with unique ability to provide full turnkey communication solutions.

  • 2003

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The company’s founding is a result of a joint project between Stoyan Stoyan & Rosen Velikov for creating Telecommunication operator of new generation.

  • 2004

    First alternative SDH RRL in Veliko Tarnovo & Neterra deployed first SDH/STM 155MBits link (67km) to Veliko Tarnovo.’s Tecnical Services team installed a 30 m self supporting tower on Arbanasi Hill, Veliko Tarnovo. We installed and tested two SDH antenna systems that provide 155Mbits communications for central-north Bulgaria. In addition, designed, supplied, and installed a 2 kilometers power line and 4 kilometers fiber optic wireline.

  • 2004-2006

    Veliko Tarnovo region FTTB rollout

    In a push to improve broadband access across the region, the partnered with local organizations to install and upgrade fiber optic cables in 3 cites and 18 rural and under-serviced counties. When completed, more than 70 000 Households - including education, healthcare, government and public safety institutions - was directly connected with over 500 kilometers of new or upgraded fiber.

  • 2007

    Veliko Tarnovo - Elena Fiber Optic Networking provided connectivity between Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitza and Lyaskovetz and Elena by performing ongoing Outside Plant and Inside Plant construction of the fiber optic network (85+ kilometers).
    This work also entails deployment of conduit and fiber infrastructure to provide connectivity to surrounding construction camps.
    The methods of construction being utilized include: plowing, horzontal directional drilling (HDD), trenching, fiber pulling, fiber jetting, supply and installation of cabinets, panels and associated components, splicing and testing

  • 2012

    EUSunday CCTV & M2M deployed over 160 HD IP cameras and 1000+ Digital Sensors across 4 of the biggest solar power plants in Bulgaria over the course of this nine month project that was delivered on time and on budget. Consistent high quality work and finish, professional conduct and presentation, and diligent safety practices were of the highest importance in the successful execution of this highly visible project performed in challenging environments.

  • 2011-2015

    HSI/IPTV Installation & Repair

    A major telecommunications provider in Bulgaria enjoying tremendous customer growth with their residential HSI & IPTV services reached out to to help support their workforce that was challenged to keep up with their customer demand.’s extensive experience performing high volumes of residential installation and repair services and our track record for rapidly developing large local workforces that deliver consistent, high quality services enabled Ledcor to be the best choice for our client.
    By leveraging’s workforce, our client has been able to achieve the capacity to fulfill their customer demand while raising productivity and quality levels.

  • Sep 2014

    Member of Bulgarian Construction Chamber became a member of Bulgarian Construction Chamber

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Our team of over 100 field technicians is strategically placed to be within a two hour drive from the telecommunications networks that service most of Bulgaria and excel at offering solutions that deliver quality, efficiency, and flexibility to communications and technology providers

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Our work is challenging, our equipment is huge and we have been honored with our fair share of awards. But there is something different in the air at It’s a spirit of family and an uncompromised commitment to each other. Every member of our team contributes and is part of our story.
These are our values and we live by them:
Safety > Zero accidents through best practices
Quality > Continuous measurements and improvement
Integrity > Ethical, honest, consistent, highly regarded
Sustainability > Balancing People, Planet, and Profit
Success > Client and employee satisfaction, shareholder value

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